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Let PaperCoach Help You Survive American College

Hollywood with its sitcoms and American pie movies along with your older siblings’ tales made you believe college is an endless party, where you can do what you want without worrying about papers and grades. But after the first few weeks, you realized that college is hard work, boring lectures, and an enormous pile of homework. And each low grade takes you closer to dropping out and wasting thousands of dollars your family invested in your studies. It seems like a no-win scenario even James Kirk can’t solve. However, you always have an option of getting help from our custom essay writing service.
Get Help before It’s too Late
At first, hiring professional writers to complete your assignments seems like overkill, and so you try traditional options:

  1. You learn about your professor’s and TA’s office hours and go to get answers. However, there is a long line of other freshmen looking for advice, and by the time your turn comes, the office hours are over. Sometimes you won’t even find your professor between lectures and seminars if he or she is busy with postgrads, research, and networking.
  2. You join a study group to get help from your peers. However, none of you have any idea what to do with homework assignments and can barely understand the assigned reading. As a result, your study sessions turn into bitching or drinking contests.
  3. You seek guidance from your academic adviser to learn more about study methods and coping mechanisms. However, instead of personalized advice and a shoulder to cry on, you get a stack of dusty self-help pamphlets dated 2005.

After wasting several weeks on these fruitless endeavors and missing two or more submission deadlines, you are finally ready to delegate your writing homework to professionals. Now you just need to select the right custom essay writing service for USA students among thousands of options. To save your time and not get overwhelmed, use our guidelines.
What Is the Best Custom Essay Writing Service?
The moment you type your search query into Google, you’ll get bombarded with offers from dozens of writing companies, agencies, and marketplaces. Most of them require you to pay upfront. To avoid scam and receive quality writing, browse their websites and make sure the company possesses these attributes before you transfer the money:

  • At least 2 years of experience. Think of ordering the paper in terms of hiring a writer to work for you. Most employers request 2+ years of experience in the field, and you should do the same. Younger companies may be trustworthy, but they did not have the time to establish a well-oiled routine that ensures high quality and timely delivery of your paper.
  • PayPal payment option. Despite high fees, PayPal remains the most secure among the mainstream payment systems. In case you can’t settle a problem with the writing company directly, you can initiate a dispute via PayPal. This option increases your chances of getting a refund and avoiding scam.
  • Actual round-the-clock support. In the age of outsourcing, most writing agencies use offshore support centers that can be 5 to 9 hours ahead or behind your time zone. In this case, 24/7 support is a must. You should be able to get in touch with the writing agency’s representatives any time of day or night, including Christmas and Halloween.
  • Qualified writers. Professional academic writers don’t want to share their real names and photos online. And in most cases, you can’t be sure of their education, qualification, and experience. However, if you are not satisfied with the information on the website, question support managers on the writer’s degrees, majors, and expertise.
PaperCoach Is the Best Custom Essay Writing Service
Besides meeting all the parameters above, PaperCoach stands out among other services due to its proactive nature. It means that every day we work to make your life easier, shorten your way to success and enrich your college experience. Our regular clients have already graduated from the best American colleges with good grades and were snatched up by headhunters.

Moreover, PaperCoach can be your one-stop academic helper. Our writers possess knowledge and experience to tackle all kinds of college assignments:

  • Essays are the most popular of our services. From 5-paragraph papers to lengthy argumentative writings, our professionals have seen it all. Even if you have to submit the paper tomorrow, we can finish it on time.
  • Case studies are inevitable whether you study Nursing, Business, or Law. They take more time and experience, but our writers have completed hundreds of these assignments without fail.
  • Research papers are notoriously hard because of in-depth research they require. Unlike college students, professional writers know exactly which sources to use and where to find them.
  • Term papers can be A-worthy if you don’t put them away till the last week before the submission deadline. Place an order for a term paper as soon as you get the assignment, and you’ll get perfect results at an affordable rate.
  • Thesis or dissertation is the peak of your academic career, and if you need a little extra boost, our writers can provide it. You can order a single chapter, a research proposal, or the whole dissertation, it will be perfect either way.

Free revisions are another reason to choose PaperCoach over other US-based writing services. We believe communication is essential for customized student-centric service, so we put you in direct contact with your writer and support team. When a miscommunication occurs, and you realize that the paper has flaws, you don’t have to accept it. Just send it back for revision, and our writers and editors will review it once again to ensure it meets your requirements and is free of errors.

You don’t have to worry about your academic reputation when working with PaperCoach. We keep your personal information 100% secure and do not disclose it to third parties. Your professors, academic adviser, classmates, and parents will never know a professional helped you with your paper. Your credit card data is also safe. We don’t store it on our servers and only cooperate with secure and trustworthy payment systems, including PayPal.

PaperCoach upholds a reasonable pricing policy. Students have little money to spare on homework. So we offer multiple saving options along with premium features and additional goodies, like plagiarism report or progressive delivery, for those who want an extra boost to their grades.

There is no shame in asking for help when you need it. Colleges throughout the United States are continually increasing their requirements for students. If you wish to stay sane after four years, you will need outside assistance. PaperCoach is the best option, as we offer secure, confidential and high-quality writing services to college students who feel out of their depth. Give us a try, and you’ll understand why thousands of American students entrust us with their academic and professional success!
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Best Prices for the Highers Quality

Writing from scratch
Writing from scratch price is specified for 1 page (275 words)
Editing/Proofreading price is specified for 1 page (275 words)
Problem solving
Problem solving is specified for 1 problem
Deadline High School Undergraduate Master Phd Admissions
14 Days
9 Days
7 Days
5 Days
3 Days
2 Days
24 Hours
12 Hours
6 Hours
*All kinds of SPSS, STATA, C++ and other specific software assignments have a minimum price of $250.
* Writing from scratch price is specified for 1 page (275 words)
* Editing/Proofreading price is specified for 1 page (275 words)
* Problem solving is specified for 1 problem